Assejazz monthly membership fee

Thank you very much for wanting to join us! Joining ASSEJAZZ is very easy:

You just have to subscribe from here.

Our monthly fee is €12 per month and it gives you the right to attend our exceptional weekly concert program for a reduced price and if you are a musician or would like to be one, participate in the workshops and masterclasses that we carry out during the year with considerable discounts.

Occasionally there will be other concerts, within or outside the stable schedule, which due to the cache of the musicians will require members to also pay a ticket, but it will always be at a price much lower than that paid by non-members.

In addition, you will not only be a member of Assejazz, you will automatically belong to ANDAJAZZ, so you take the Jazz offer with you to tour all of Andalusia.

Remember that:

  • Buying this product we will start the membership process. Payment is currently made by direct debit, so until the procedure is completed you will not appear as a member.
  • When the process is completed, you will be able to automatically purchase tickets to the events at a reduced price from your web user account.
  • You will receive a membership card with a QR code that will qualify you for both Assejazz and Andaljazz membership benefits.
  • If you are going to make a purchase of this product, do not include more products or entries in the cart, since they have different payment methods.


Come with us, we make it easy for you!