What is Assejazz?

The Sevillian Jazz Association (ASSEJAZZ) has its origin in the concerns of a group of musicians from Seville interested in jazz music and its dissemination at the end of 2012. It was established as an Association in December 2012 and began its activity in January 2013 as an associative, non-profit organization.

The aims of the Association are:

  • Promote research, the musical dissemination of Andalusian Jazz and styles related to this genre and other Performing Arts, through Festivals, Concerts, Workshops, Colloquiums, Courses, Seminars and performances.
  • Develop spaces for collaboration with the Jazz music group (performers, companies, promoters, jazz lovers) before different public or private institutions for the management and performance of activities related to Jazz and related music.
  • Organize events related to Jazz music and related styles.
  • Facilitate the creation and development of musical formations in our area of influence and in collaboration with other associations and entities.
  • Promote the didactic training of Jazz music and related styles for musicians and the general public.
  • Facilitate, through training activities, the incorporation of boys and girls into learning jazz music and related arts.
  • Represent jazz musicians in our environment and respond to the concerns expressed by fans of jazz music and related styles.

On the other hand, it is also important to note that ASSEJAZZ belongs to the Andalusian Federation of Jazz Associations (ANDAJAZZ), which brings together 9 Associations and which annually generates more than 550 concerts a year with more than 70,000 attendees and in which they are associated more than 400 musicians and more than 1,500 members. ANDAJAZZ is a collaborative space of reference at the national level and with great projection for the future.

The governing body of ASSEJAZZ is the Board of Directors made up of a Presidency, a Vice-Presidency, a Secretariat, a Treasury and six members. The supreme and sovereign governing body of the Association is the General Assembly of Members made up of all the members who are in full use of their rights. Currently ASSEJAZZ has 241 active members who are the main financial support of the Association. Among the associates are fans of Jazz, amateur musicians, professional musicians, cultural managers, photographers and the general public sensitive to all artistic manifestations.


President : Javier Delgado

Vice president: Antonio Torres

Secretary: Francis Joseph Martin


  • lola
  • nacho megina
  • Natalia Ruciero
  • Anthony Fields
  • Javier Orti
  • Pepe Mateos
  • Juan Manuel Martin

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